PRT Product Overview


PRT Toolbox Overview

The PRT is a collection of MATLAB objects and utility functions for developing pattern recognition algorithms. The toolbox provides a command-line interface to let you rapidly develop classification algorithms and evaluate algorithm performance.


Please see: Installing the PRT

Using This Guide

If you are new to pattern recognition in general, start out by reading What is Pattern Recognition?. Otherwise, if you want to dive right into the PRT, see Some examples of using the PRT. For installation and documentation questions, please see Installing the PRT.

PRT Organization

The PRT provides several hundred MATLAB M-files implementing various pattern classification objects and utility functions. To prevent cluttering the MATLAB namespace, all PRT classes and functions begin with the string "prt". Typing "prt", then tab at the MATLAB command prompt will bring up a list of all the PRT M-files available (assuming the PRT's path has been set properly, see "Installation" below).

To simplify finding the M-file a user is looking for, the PRT implements a hierarchical M-file naming scheme, so that all PRT M-files of a particular type start with "prtType" where Type is replaced by a short mnemonic describing the object or function implemented in the M-file.

The following are some commonly used prt M-file prefixes: