MATLAB File Help: prtKernel
  prtKernel  Base class for prtKernel objects.
    prtKernel is the base class for all prtKernel objects. It is an
    abstract class and should not be instantiated. All prtKernel
    objects implement the following methods:
    kernel = kernel.train(dataSet) Train the kernel using the specified
    dataSet.  This builds a trained kernel object that can be run.
    yOut = Run a trained kernel object on the data
    in dataSet and output the resulting gram matrix in
    kernel = and(kernel1,kernel2) Combine two kernels into a
    prtKernelSet (also a prtKernel).  This is used to join multiple
    kernels together.  Unlike the plus operation for combining
    prtActions, the AND operation trains and runs each kernel
    individually on the provided data.
    Note, cross validation is not a valid operation on prtKernel
    objects, and therefore the CROSSVALIDATE and KFOLDS operations are
    not implemented.
    % Example syntax of the AND method:
    kernels = prtKernelDc & prtKernelRbf; % kernels is prtKernelSet
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Class Details
Superclasses prtAction
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
prtKernel As an action subclass we must set the properties to reflect 
Property Summary
dataSet The training prtDataSet, only stored if verboseStorage is true.  
dataSetSummary Structure that summarizes prtDataSet. 
isCrossValidateValid False 
isTrained Indicates if prtAction object has been trained. 
name Descriptive name of prtAction object. 
nameAbbreviation Shortened name for the prtAction object. 
userData User specified data 
verboseStorage Specifies whether or not to store the training prtDataset. 
Method Summary
  and Combine 2 prtKernels into a prtKernelSet 
  get get the object properties 
  optimize Optimize action parameter by exhaustive function maximization. 
  run Run a prtAction object on a prtDataSet object. 
  set set the object properties 
  train Train a prtAction object using training a prtDataSet object.