MATLAB File Help: prtDistanceChebychev
  prtDistanceChebychev    Chebychev distance
    DIST = prtDistanceChebychev(DS1,DS2) calculates the Chebychev distance
    from all the observations in datasets DS1 to DS2, and ouputs a distance
    matrix of size DS1.nObservations x DS2.nObservations. DS1 and DS2
    should have the same number of features. DS1 and DS2 should be
    prtDataSet objects.
    For more information, see:
    % Create 2 data sets
    dsx = prtDataSetStandard('Observations', [0 0; 1 1]);
    dsy = prtDataSetStandard('Observations', [1 0;2 2; 3 3]);
    % Compute distance
    distance = prtDistanceChebychev(dsx,dsy)
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