MATLAB File Help: prtDataSetBase
  prtDataSetBase    Base class for all prt data sets.
  This is an abstract class from which all prt data sets inherit from.
  It can not be instantiated. It contains the following properties:
    name            - Data set descriptive name
    description     - Description of the data set
    userData        - Structure for holding additional related to the
                      data set
    observationInfo - Structure array holding additional
                      data per related to each observation
    nObservations     - Number of observations in the data set
    nTargetDimensions - Number of target dimensions
    isLabeled         - Whether or not the data set is labeled
  The prtDataSetBase class has the following methods
    getObservationNames - get the observation names
    setObservationNames - set the observation names
    getTargetNames      - get the target names
    setTargetNames      - set the target names
    getX - Shortcut for getObservations
    setX - Shortcut for setObservations
    getY - Shortcut for getTargets
    setY - Shortcut for setTargets
    setXY - Shortcut for setObservationsAndTargets
  The prtDataSetBase class also specifies the following abstract
  functions, which are implemented by all derived classes:
    getObservations - Return an array of observations
    setObservations - Set the array of observations
    getTargets - Return an array of targets (empty if unlabeled)
    setTargets - Set the array of targets
    setObservationsAndTargets - Set the array of observations and
    catFeatures               - Combine the features from a data set
                                with another data set
    catObservations           - Combine the Observations from a data
                                set with another data set
    catTargets                - Combine the targets from a data set
                                with another data set
    removeObservations        - Remove observations from a data set
    retainObservations        - Retain observatons (remove all others)
                                from a data set
    removeTargets - Remove columns of targets from a data set
    retainTargets - Retain columns of targets from a data set
    plot          - Plot the data set
    summarize     - Output a summary of the data set
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Class Details
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
prtDataSetBase Base class for all prt data sets. 
Property Summary
description A string with a verbose description of the data set 
isLabeled Whether or not the data has target labels 
nObservations The number of observations 
nTargetDimensions The number of target dimensions 
name A string naming the data set 
observationInfo Struct of observation information 
observationNamesInternal The observations names 
targetNamesInternal The target names. 
userData Additional data per data set 
Method Summary
  bootstrap dsBoot = bootstrap(dataSet,nSamples) 
protected   catObservationInfo  
  catObservations dsOut = catObservations(dataSet1,dataSet2) 
  getKFoldKeys keys = getKFoldKeys(dataSet,K) 
  getObservationInfo obsInfo = getObservationInfo(dataSet) 
  getObservationNames Return DataSet's Observation Names 
  getTargetNames Return the target names from a dataset 
  getX Shortcut for GetObservations 
  getXY Shortcut for getObservationsAndTargets 
  getY Shortcut for getTargets 
  removeObservations dsOut = removeObservations(dataSet,indices) 
protected   retainObservationInfo  
  retainObservations dsOut = removeObservations(dataSet,indices) 
  select observations to retain by specifying a function 
  setObservationInfo dataSet = setObservationInfo(dataSet,obsInfoStruct) 
  setObservationNames Set the observation names of a data set 
  setTargetNames Set the data set target names 
  setX Shortcut for setObservations 
  setXY Shortcut for setObservationsAndTargets 
  setY Shortcut for setTargets 
protected   update default behaviour is to do nothing 
protected   updateObservationsCache default behaviour is to do nothing 
Abstract   catObservationData  
Abstract   getData  
Abstract   getNumObservations  
Abstract   getNumTargetDimensions  
Abstract   getTargets  
Abstract   retainObservationData